Best Practices for setting up a development environment

May 17, 2011 at 6:52 PM

I am interested in doing some development on Umbraco and I know I want it to run with the Azure Accelerator.  It doesn't seem that setting up a local IIS instance of Umbraco running against a local SQL Db and developing my Umbraco extensions against that is necessarily the best way to go about development.   Is there any guidance on how to best set up my development environment for Umbraco with the Azure Accelerator?  Some things I am considering:

  1. Local IIS site for Umbraco vs. web site code in Storage Emulator BLOB storage and running The Azure Accelerator in the Compute emulator
  2. Running against a local SQL DB vs, running against a SQL Azure DB
  3. How to set up my host file if running the Azure Accelerator in the Compute Emulator?  It seems that the Umbraco site is only rendered when the host header is used (i.e.  I believe this is because the solution is designed to run multiple instances of Umbraco web sites through the same Accelerator instance and the Accelerator uses the host header to map to the correct web code in BLOB storage.   When running in VS debug (F5), a new port number is issued every time.  This is no problem when running in Azure itself, because I can make my host entry using the setting found in the windows Azure Management Portal and it doesn't change.
  4. Any other gotchas that I have not yet found?